07. 11. 2013.


After Čakovec, Varaždin and Zagreb, circus Safari is in Osijek from 8. until 23.11 next to the famous Osijek Copacabana beach.Today we visited the circus and recorded several photos. Major tent is not set yet, but the tents for the animals are already in their places.This days we will bring you a complete report of the circus Safari in Osijek.

20. 04. 2013.


Today we are happy and joyful!:))))))))))))))))))))))))))..Today, for the fourth year in a row, we celebrate the World Circus Day..!!Today we are happy because the circus arts are celebrated around the globe and that proves, once again,  that there is still a lot of people who recognize the true value of circus ,
values ​​of those peoples who are born in the circus, in the world of fairy tales, glitters, spectacle but also, life full of waiver's, discipline, commitment and hard work..Today, we celebrate them!!Because without them, there would be no circus!..But, as long as they exist, their children, we and our children,circus will not extinct!!

So, to you all, around the glob who are visiting our little blog world , happy.... 



09. 04. 2013.

Fővárosi Nagycirkusz presents Circo DARIX TOGNI

Livio, Corrado, Davio Nevia, and Danila were the children of Darix Togni. While Danila married performer Renzo Larible, her brothers launched the Jumbo Super Circus in 1974: a gigantic operation inspired by the French Cirque Pinder of the 1950s (from which they acquired the fabled street parade vehicles). In 1978, they reduced the size of their circus and renamed it I Figli di Darix Togni (Darix Togni's Sons), before it became the new Circo Darix Togni in 1986, making the name famous in Greece and Turkey as well.
In April 1990, in Paris' Bois de Boulogne, Livio Togni (b.1950) and his brothers inaugurated Il Florilegio di Darix Togni: A new concept that played on the nostalgia for old family circuses, with a revolutionary big top architecture and an one of the largest menageries of the period. Corrado (b.1953) revealed himself as a remarkable clown, while Davio (b.1959) presented unusual animals acts, including a leopard riding a rhinoceros. 


Their revolutionary big top became the most widely copied circus structure in the world. Il Florilegio was un unmitigated success in Italy, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, and Turkey for more than a decade, often attended by royalty and celebrities. Then, in 2002, Livio Togni was elected to the Italian Senate, and left the circus.
Since 2006, the family operates three circus units: Il Florilegio – Amar in Algeria, a two-ring circus with a circus-on-ice part managed by Livio Togni's sons, Max and Steve; another unit named Darix Togni, managed by Davio Togni, which has successfully performed for two consecutive years (2007 and 2008) in Teheran, Iran; and a third unit which is occasionally used during the winter in Italy or France.

From 6. April a famous Hungarian State Circus (Fővárosi Nagycirkusz ) presents famous Italian circus Darix Togni (Circus Maximus) - one of Europe's best circus. If you are in Hungary, more precisely in Budapest, go to spectacular building of the Hungarian State Circus and see this unique circus show because this show you simply MUST SEE!!!

 Below the photos you can see the schedule of performances for for the month of April.

Croatia circus fans will be there on Sunday to see the show and to make reportage..Can't wait!!:))))) 



THURSDAY (11.4.)


FRIDAY (12.4.)

SATURDAY (13.4.)
11:00 - 15:00 - 19:00

SUNDAY (14.4.)
11:00 - 15:00
WEDNESDAY (17.4.) 

 THURSDAY (18.4.)
FRIDAY (19.4.)
SATURDAY (20.4.)
11:00 - 15:00 - 19:00

 SUNDAY (21.4.)
11:00 - 15:00

WEDNESDAY (24.4.) 

  THURSDAY (25.4.)

 FRIDAY (26.4.)

 SATURDAY (27.4.)
11:00 - 15:00 - 19:00

 SUNDAY (28.4.)
11:00 - 15:00

03. 04. 2013.


The Times' editorial Monday on the L.A. City Council's proposed ban on elephants performing in traveling shows such as circuses paints a romantic picture of elephants as gentle giants. The editorial board seems to buy into the animal extremists' idealistic scenario of happy, fat pachyderms lazily wandering the open plains of Africa or the jungles of Asia, free of disease and conflict with humans.

The reality is far grimmer. The "wild" left for these magnificent animals is rapidly disappearing. Instead, these endangered and threatened animals are often contained within park ranges by fences, or, when no fences exist, villages and fields block historic migration routes, often leading to human-elephant conflict. In Sri Lanka, an island country with the highest elephant-to-human ratio, elephants regularly raid farmers' fields, and human-elephant conflict sometimes leads to deaths -- of both elephants and humans.
In Africa, elephants may walk for miles during the drought months to find water and food -- a harsh reality that elephants in captivity don't have to endure. Captive elephants don't face the threat of being killed by humans from gunshot, electrocution or poisoning as they compete for resources or because their ivory is a valuable commodity. While park rangers do what they can to protect elephants from poachers, too many are being slaughtered. Calves are orphaned and often die without human intervention.

The imaginary Eden created by animal extremists has elephants and humans coexisting without interacting and ignores the reality of thousands of years of history. In fact, Asian elephants have been working in their native lands with their native peoples for thousands of years, just as horses have in lands where horses and people are found together. The Times has not called for an end to bridles on horses, but instead has demonized the traditional tool for working with elephants.
Commands are taught first and foremost to permit personal interaction between humans and elephants, which in turn allows for the provision of better husbandry and veterinary care.  These movements are not taught through force or coercion, just as you would not beat your dog at home to make him sit. Elephants at zoos and circuses are taught primarily through a series of repetition and reward. Click here for a good discussion on training elephants as well as a better explanation of the Assn. of Zoos and Aquariums' policy referenced in the editorial. 
It is a good thing that people can see elephants at the L.A. Zoo or up close through traveling circuses. The elephants act as ambassadors for their species living in their range countries. While it may seem pleasant for extremists to imagine a perfect scenario in which elephants are set free to roam the hills of California to their hearts' content, that isn't the world in which we live. Elephants need people to care for them in captivity and to protect and conserve them in their range lands.

by Deborah Olson

13. 03. 2013.


From March 15 great Italian circus CESARE TOGNI  in partnership with  families Togni, Zoppis and Cersosimo will be on seven-month tour in Hungary. In show the Hungarian public will see the Togni family with their famous animal acts and also the  seals of  Philip Cersosimo.The show will take place under the big top by family Zoppis. Of course, CCF will be there and make a repotage.This will be our first visit to CIRCO CESARE TOGNI.

11. 03. 2013.

My model of circo Moira Orfei Piu Circo Di Mosca

As a true lover of the circus arts, last months I'm working hard on my circus model of MOIRA ORFEI back in nineties. My model consists more than 70 trucks, more than 50 artists and circus dancers, more than 100 animals including indian elephants, giraffes, rhinos, sharks, tigers, camels, zebras, antelopes, horses, hippopotamus, gorillas and chimpanzees.


27. 02. 2013.


The troupe was established in 1980 and in the beginning it performed 5 tricks: acrobatics, persch, trapeze, wheel of death. The premiere was in Sofia in 1981. In 1982 the troupe performed in Denmark, in 1983 in Knie Circus, Switzerland, in 1984 in Greece and Italy – Medrano Circus. From 1985 to 1999 the troupe performed in Krone Circus in Germany. 

In the winter periods the troupe performed at Americano Circus, in 2000-2001 in Bulgaria, in 2002 in Turkey, in 2003/2004 in Israel, in 2005 in Turkey, in 1986, 1993 and 2000 the troupe performed in the Vatican City for the Pope.
The troupe participated in events for the English, Danish, Swedish and Dutch queens.

 Awards for the troupe
1983 – Silver Clown, Monte Carlo.
1986 – Golden Plate in Sienna, Italy.
1999 – Golden Lion, Symbol of Jerusalem.
Two-time winners of the award of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (1982 and 1989).
Nikolay Balkanski, the younger son of Alexander Balkanski was registered in Guinness World Records for his double somersault with 1 or 2 stilts.


* pictures and information about troupe Balkanski is taken from www.circus - balkanski.com

07. 02. 2013.

CIRCO APOLLO ( Monte Carlo, Nando Orfei - fam. Anselmi)

 This documentary film was recorded 2010. during the Croatian tour by Italian circus "APOLLO" in Osijek. In this video you can see, what kind of life is circus life and how artist lives under the big top and inside their traveling home's. The host is our Dunja Jozić - Hristov who is, beside me, administrator of this blog. Enjoy in this 50 minutes film.

04. 02. 2013.

Martin Lacey Jr. - lions dressage

Here is a wonderful video recorded in German circus KRONE in Munich.
Martin Lacey, Jr. was born in Sunderland/UK in 1977 as the second of three brothers. Even in his cradle, he heard the purring of big cats, because Martin Lacey, Sr. was an animal trainer  and worked with lions, while Martin’s mother Susan travelled with a mixed act of lions and tigers. So Martin grew up between circus wagons and the ring, and learned writing, reading and counting in the travelling circus school.
Martin’s parents wanted him to get a proper education, so Martin had to leave his family and the circus when he was 11 years old to attend a boarding school. In his case, it was Cordeaux Highschool in Lincolnshire. There weren’t any tigers and lions, but he got a lot of chances to play sports. Martin especially liked boxing and became quite good at it – he was three times champion of his age group in Middle England. He also loved playing rugby.
After his A-levels, the 17 year old Martin came back to his father’s circus, where he worked in the marketing department. However, his fascination with the big cats was stronger than his interest in advertising, and so he joined his older brother Alexander,  working with a mixed act with lions and tigers. In 1997 Martin started to work on his own with a lion act. Within two years,  he had won the much sought-after Chapiteau de Crystal award. One year later, at the Circus festival in Monaco, he was awarded the Silver Clown – his final break through.
Since then Martin Lacey, Jr. has won almost every important circus award – including the Golden Clown in Monaco which he got in 2010 – and has established himself as one of the best lion trainers in the world.
Nowadays the 196 cm tall English man sees the Circus Krone as his home. He came there for the first time in 2000 and it was there that he met the young lady who is now his spouse and the mother of his son.
Martin Lacey, Jr. doesn’t see the work with his lions as a “job”, but as “a way of life”. When asked for his dreams, he smiles:  “I want to breed white lions”. That’s the first thing he thinks of – and then, immediately afterwards:  “I want to show people that the training of animals is an art.”

28. 01. 2013.

17. 01. 2013.


Here is some magnificent circus act. First you will see magnificent Errani brothers and their act from Monte Carlo circus festival. Second video is presenting wonderful air balet act by Elisabeth Axt. In the third video you can see beautiful, magical,amazing and breathtaking act by Duo Hachatryan. The last video is presenting a dog training by Julia Chakanova...ENJOY!!!!!

                                                          ERRANI BROTHERS

                                                            ELISABETH AXT             

                                                          DUO HACHATRYAN

                                                          JULIA CHAKANOVA

08. 01. 2013.


Here's another beautiful footage of circus Moira Orfei back in 1992. In those years, the circus Moira Orfei had a spectacular program called "MOIRA piu CIRCO DI MOSCA", and in that show performed the best circus artists from Russia. With this program,   1991. Moira Orfei was touring trought the former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia). In these video you will see a great acrobat act on horses by Youri  Merdenov troupe.



04. 01. 2013.

LOS QUIROS - High Wire Attraction (SPAIN/COLOMBIA)

Los Quiros at the 26th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo (2002).



As you know, Moira Orfei is an Italian movie and circus superstar. She appeared in nearly forty films, including popular Italian comedies and a host of internationally successful Italian productions.Today we bring you some of the movies with Moira Orfei.. 

  • Gli amori di Ercole 1960
  • Sotto dieci bandiere 1960
  • Ursus 1960
  • Maciste l'uomo più forte del mondo 1961
  • Rocco e le sorelle 1961
  • Il figlio dello sceicco 1962
  • I tromboni di Fra' Diavolo 1962
  • Ursus nella valle dei leoni 1962
  • I due mafiosi 1963
  • Totò contro i quattro 1963
  • Totò e Cleopatra 1963
  • Zorro contro Maciste 1963
  • Divorzio alla siciliana 1963
  • Il monaco di Monza 1963
  • I due gladiatori 1963
  • La rivolta dei pretoriani 1964
  • Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus, gli invincibili 1964
  • Il trionfo di Ercole 1964
  • Casanova 70 1965
  • Come inguaiammo l'esercito 1965
  • I due sergenti del generale Custer 1965
  • L'incendio di Roma 1965
  • Due mafiosi contro al Capone 1966
  • Signore e signori 1966
  • Straziami ma di baci saziami 1968
  • Paolo il freddo 1974
  • Profumo di donna 1974
  • Il cav. Costante Nicosia demoniaco ovvero: Dracula in Brianza 1975
  • Arrivano i bersaglieri 1980
  • Vacanze di Natale '90 1990
  • Natale in India 2003

30. 12. 2012.


Here is a beautiful video of circus animal trainer Felicia. I hope this video will show you how much love & trust is needed in animal training and that circus animals are happy in their environment..ENJOY in pure LOVE!!!


29. 12. 2012.


We are in circus Moira Orfei in Naples.This is the second time this year that we visited Moira. This time we are here to celebrate New Year with all our dear circus friends in circo di Moira. Moira's has a great success in Naples these days.The circus is full every day at every show!BRAVO MOIRA, BRAVO NAPLES!!!!