19. 10. 2010.


Thanks to our friend Volker Flaadt, Croatia circus fans is presenting a new pictures from CIRCO DI MOSCA by LARRY and KEVIN ROSSANTE. It's a big international italian circus who is currently the guest in the city Mailand in Italy. Here is some of the pictures of this beautiful circus.

15. 10. 2010.


I'm very happy because we can present to all those who read this blog, the pride of all residents of the former Yugoslavia, even today.
"Braco" Mikulecky was a great lover of the circus and the circus arts in general.Back in the sixties of the last century, he take the place of the owner and director of the first and only Yugoslav circus variete "Colorado". Colorado was a mixture of circus and variete show program and since the beginning of the sixties to the late eighties,it was only Yugoslav traveling show with artists and animals .During the years of successful work, he has performed in all republics in Yu and neighbor countries.A large circus tent is drawn, designed and made by "Braco" Mikulecky, and could accommodate 1300 visitors.In late sixties, circus Colorado has experienced a great misfortune,when one of the performing monkeys broke the heater on high flame and set fire to a tent. "Braco" has created a new tent and Yugoslav public was again able to enjoy the splendid program of the traveling circus and variete program which was Colorado offered to.Back in 80',fameous pop folk group known as "Nervozni poštar" (Nervous postman),in honor of Colorado circus, made the song, which is still a big hit in the ex-Yu countries - CIRKUS COLORADO, with well-known verses: AND YOUNG AND OLD, AND YOUNG AND OLD, EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY IN CIRCUS COLORADO!!!!Many generations of world artists who was very famous at that time, performing on the stage of Colorado, so we can rightly say that this circus had the international character.In the early nineties and the war in Yugoslavia, "Braco" closes the circus, and after a long 40 years, as the owner of circus, stops working forever.The animals were taken away to Hungary in the zoo, where some of them still live!
1997, "Braco" unfortunately past away and the story of Colorado forever ends.In the village of Tenja near Osijek,family Mikulecky have a big house where still are props,equipment,costumes and posters of Colorado. Last year, unfortunately, pasted away and Ana Mikulecky the wife of "Braco".In Osijek still live their two daughters, Amalija and Elvira with their families and they still lives a beautiful memories of childhood that were spent on journeys under a circus tent.
I know that these photos will warmed the hearts of those who remember the circus Colorado and that he will be never forget....
Thank you Mikulecky family for those magnificent time and for this valuable and unique photos...

With respect