25. 10. 2011.


Circus Roncalli is a German circus founded in 1976 by Bernhard Paul and André Heller. According to Bernhard Paul, the name was inspired by a film script of his fellow Austrian Peter Hajek, "Sarah Roncalli, Tochter des Mondes" ("Sarah Roncalli, daughter of the moon", sometimes also cited as "widow of the moon"). The reminiscence to the popular Pope John XXIII (1881–1963), whose legal name was Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, served as a key to the success.The first performance of the circus was on 18 May 1976 on the Hofgartenwiese in Bonn, and the tour finished on 16 August 1976 in Munich. After the first season, Paul and Heller disagreed about the concept and rights, so that at the next performance on 4 June 1980 in Cologne, Bernhard Paul directed the circus on his own. Since then, the circus has toured in Germany and abroad, including the first appearance of a West German circus in the Soviet Union in 1986.The winter quarters of the circus have been at Neurather Weg 7 in Mülheim, Cologne since 1984. The building belonged to Circus Williams beforehand, and was rebuilt to accommodate Circus Roncalli, following which it was officially opened on 27 April 1986.Bernhard Paul owns one of the largest circus collections in Europe, including old costumes, circus books and posters, which he plans to display in a museum.

RONCALLI IN WIEN (12.10.2011.)

Circus Roncalli is entertaining, old fashion but at the same time a very modern circus. They have a super circus orchestra managing a lot of musical styles and everything is great here. The owner Bernhard Paul have a fantastic and very entertaining business presenting top artists from the best class. We saw Roncalli in Wien on a very rainy day (12.10.2011.)and saw a sold out wednesday evening performance. Roncalli is more than beautiful, so well taken care of, is rare to see elsewhere. Everything is nice and clean and trucks and trailers here are worth the ticket price alone. In Roncalli the show starts when you have bought the ticket, where the circus band plays when you are waiting for entering the circus tent. Inside it is fantastic sorrundings with a great atmosphere.Crises in the German circus business?..Maybe...but here in Wien, performance was completely sold out.


Roncalli is a great circus with a fantastic performance. No doubt, that Roncalli is one of the best entertainments in Europe and not many Circuses can reach this level. Thoughts behind everything makes the circus and the performance very complete. Lots of souvenir items for the audience and the spectators. Very well equipped bar with all kinds of drinks.

The performance was seen in Wien and it was sold out!!!

18. 10. 2011.

CIRCUS "RONCALLI" - Darren Burell

12.10.2011. Croatia Circus Fans went to Vienna to see the new super show one of the best European Circuses - Circus "Roncalli". By the number of circuses we've seen lately, we can certainty confirm that Roncalli's show is currently the best show in Europe!Today we honor you with a fabulous act from 2009. We do not need words here - just for you - Darren Burell (BURL) and magnificent act with balloons!! ...MIRACLE....

04. 10. 2011.


Sutra s početkom u 16 sati i 30 minuta, Cirkus Apollo sa svojim programom " MONTE CARLO", vlasnik cirkusa Elvio Anselmi i Međunarodna agencija "Arena" iz Rijeke, poklanjaju besplatnu predstavu za 400 osoba s posebnim potrebama."Na ovaj način želimo skrenuti pozornost i na one koji imaju poteškoča u životu, koji svijet vide drugaćijim očima i susreću se s bezbroj predrasuda. No, najviše nas veseli činjenica što ćemo na licima tih osoba djece i odraslih vidjeti osmjehe. Oni su neprocjenjivi", istaknula je organizatorica turneje Dunja Jozić - Hristov.